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NABI Sees Hope in President Biden and President von der Leyen on Airbus-Boeing “Settlements”

NABI Press Release (2021-12) – June 15, 2021

NABI Sees Hope in President Biden and President von der Leyen on Airbus-Boeing “Settlements” in the Cooperative Framework and Five-Year Suspension

The National Association of Beverage Importers (NABI), Washington, DC, the only nation-wide association representing importers of wine, distilled spirits, and beer, today finds hope in the decision by U.S. President Biden and European Commission President von der Leyen along with Ambassador Tai and Trade Commissioner Dombrovskis on the agreed Cooperative Framework and five-year “truce” in the Airbus and Boeing trade disputes. This gives space for the two parties to continue settlement negotiations and move the pivotal negotiations on State-subsidies and support to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and relieve importers and consumers, among others, of the financial burdens of these tariffs.

Under the Understanding on a cooperative framework for Large Civil Aircraft, the two sides expressed their intention to:

  • establish a Working Group on Large Civil Aircraft led by each side's respective Minister responsible for Trade,

  • provide financing to large civil aircraft producers on market terms,

  • provide R&D funding through an open and transparent process and make the results of fully government funded R&D widely available, to the extent permitted by law,

  • not to provide R&D funding as well as specific support (such as specific tax breaks) to their own producers that would harm the other side,

  • collaborate on addressing non-market practices of third parties that may harm their respective large civil aircraft industries,

  • continue to suspend application of their countermeasures, for a period of 5 years, avoiding billions of euros in duties for importers on both sides of the Atlantic.

“President Biden and Ambassador Tai are remaking the U.S. mark across Europe with positive momentum where NABI believes the agreement on the Airbus and Boeing Cooperative Framework and tariffs suspension only accelerates the building back better of those pivotal relationships” said NABI President Robert M. Tobiassen, adding “the steps in the Cooperative Framework facilitates the parties moving forward to endorse several key principles that lay a foundation for WTO negotiations.” Tobiassen noted “most importantly, while this cooperative work progresses, importers, exporters, producers and suppliers, and consumers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are relieved of a significant financial burden and uncertainty.”

For more information, please contact NABI at or visit the NABI website at For Fact Sheet, see here.



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