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NABI President Joins the Advisory Board of Vinexpo America and Drinks America

NABI News Release (2022-2) – July 21, 2022

NABI President Joins the Advisory Board of Vinexpo America and Drinks America

The Vinexpo America | Drinks America team welcomes Robert M. Tobiassen to our Advisory

Board. Mr. Tobiassen joins the board of thirteen U.S.-based wine and spirits industry leaders.

Based in Washington, DC, he has been the President of the National Association of Beverage

Importers, Inc. (NABI), since October 2018, and prior to assuming that role had a 34-year

career with the U.S. Treasury Department and serving as TTB Chief Counsel. “I am honored by

this appointment to a Board with so many industry leaders and know that I will learn much from

them as I hope to offer in return” Mr. Tobiassen said. “From attending several past amazing

trade shows and exhibitions in New York City annually organized by Vinexpo America and

Drinks America,” he added, “I know the high value it adds to U.S. importers, and ultimately

U.S. consumers, from its offerings of traditional, diverse, and innovative wines and spirits from

every corner of the globe. Truly a brilliant one stop and shop event for importers of every size,

marketplace, and portfolio.”

Vinexpo America | Drinks America has assembled an Advisory Board of US-based wine and

spirits industry leaders to help guide its future path. The board lends its collective expertise and

contributes to the planning and growth of the events.  The Advisory Board was established by

Vinexpo America in 2019, and in combined with Drinks America in 2021. NABI is the only

national trade association representing all categories of beverage alcohol products and is the

first trade association advisor joining the Advisory Board.

Educational programs, on-site experts on the wines and spirits products exhibited, and informed

tastings, make this a leading trade event in the United States for industry-only attendees. The

2023 Vinexpo America and Drinks America trade show and exhibition is on March 8-9, 2023,

at the Javits Center in New York City. For more information, please see here.



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